Sunday, April 18, 2010

6x1 part II

6x1 part 2....... i dont even know what id do for a part 2. umm i was watching some other experiemental shorts on youtube just to see if there was anything done that i wanted to learn how to do and we;ve actually gotten to do everything i wanted to do. one of my favorite parts of this class was getting to develope our own film so if anything i would jsut spend more time doing that....more time filming with actual film and then more time developing it. but given the time constraints of the semester i guess we spent all the time we could on it. oh wait ok if i could have a 6x1 part 2 i would make it two semesters that way i could spend more time working directly with film and then i would have mroe time with the found footage project. i actually just started that the other night and its really cool but i wish i had more time with it. maybe like do it in pieces of something..i think it would be funny to split it up and have one theme and the neach person in the class put together a little 30 or 45 second clip and then after we turn them in, put all the clips into one film and see what the outcome would guessing it would be hilarious! but then again that kind of thing would take more time and the semester is only so long so making the class into a year long 6 credit kind of thing i think would be great. its such a fun class as it is, making it longer would only make it better. after taking shannons experiemental class last semester i knew i had to take this one because i fell in love with experiemental film. the freedom of it is amazing and i love how beauiful the art of each film is. i wouldnt change a thing about how a 6x1 class would be, i would just make the class a full year so each thing....shooting on film, manipulating the film, developing the film, everything, could be drawn out and done longer

mystery workshop...

when i got the mystery prop i sat with it in my kitchen for like 30 minutes thinking "what the hell" then a "lightbulb"...har har...went off and i was like ohhh i can have a real life situation here just using the lightbulb. the situation is the blue lightbulb man is first seen having um, relations with the big darker lightbulb prostitute, then his big wife lightbulb walks in and catches them. he chases her out of the room while the prostitute crawls back in bed, only to light a cigarette and chill there for a bit. the wife walks back in the room and gets into bed then slaps the prostitute, the ciragette flies out of her mouth and she falls off the bed while the wife walks back out the door. the wife drags the blueman to couples therapy and they are seen in the car and the nin the office. their therapist is a wine cork that asks them various questions about each other, they then realize they still love each other as the wine cork therapist slaps soeme sense into the blueman. the lightbulb couple leave the thearpist hoping to start over only to return to the prostitute still smoking her cigarette in the couples bed. the woman walks over with a blunt object, slaps the prositute, her and her husband, uhh, make up...which shakes the house, and the wife picks up the prostitutes cigarette and finishes it. wooooow now that ive written that down and read it over my plot is kind of violent and pretty vulgar haha its funny though. im not sure where the thought of this came to me, i guess i started with thinking of what kind of dialogue would be funny with this. i knew i wanted to do stop motion and i just watched the proposal for the 20th time so i really wanted to use some kind of dialogue from that movie because its so funny. the prostitute idea came because i wanted to have the two lightbulbs in therapy so i could use the credits scene in that movie and everything else with the bed scene and driving and sex scenes just fell into place.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Yes Men

i thought The Yes Men was absolutley hilarious. kinda sad at the same time....just shows how dumb some people can be. it really proves a point that just because someone is in a suit and has a name tag that has some letters on it, they can get people to do almost anything. i love how the college kids were the only ones to call the guys out on their bullshit which is what they wanted from everyone. i bet if they were in that same situation from the university in another country those people would have just nodded and accepted that, hey...maybe eating recycled shit isnt so bad, these guys from the WTO do it. these men are changing the world even if they dont realize it. well at least changing it for younger people who can learn from their films and see that just becuase someone is wearing a suit and a nice watch, they too can be full of shit.
this film relates to assignment 6 because in the guys powerpoints that they used in their conventions there were several random clips of found footage that they mixed with animation. also, i think that making the gold suit, even though it isnt film found footage, that piece was made as a visual diagram and made from scratch so in a way that is just as much a piece of found footage as a film clip. their whole presentation, whether it was film clips, still photos, suits, animation...whatever they used was like making a film using recycled footage. they put all these visual aspects together and entertained people. ive noticed the clips we've watched in class as often political and these guys presentations were political..they were after all, impersonating people who work for the government. even if the corporate world took the ridiculous things these guys said and went with it, at least the college kids, who are the future, spoke up.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Shoot

definitely skipped this blog last week and did the readings by accident so ill talk about my experience from the saturday shoot for this one....wayyyy better than i thought it was going to be. since last saturday was pretty much the nicest day we've had since last summer i came to school not to pumped cause i wanted to go to the beach, but as soon as we started filming, i ended up having so much fun. my group was in the second shift so we helped out with the first groups for a bit. i dressed in a scuba outfit which i must say was hilarious and looked for treaure for one of the films. it was really interesting to see other groups ideas for their films and then watching them be played out. it was pretty hard to walk or actually run in the flippers but it all worked out and ended up being a great little film. ive used the bolex in shannon's doc class so im fairly familiar with how to use it so some others in my group shot our film. we started in the woods with a few run throughs without the camera following just to get our moves right. courtney skipped through the woods as little red riding hood while the rest of us played other fairy tale characters trying to attack her..its pretty funny and i had a lot of fun shooting it. When we got the scene blocked the way we liked it, we shot it and it ended up looking really good.
in the classroom, learning how to develop the film was really interesting...i kind of had an idea of how to do it from the first project we developed but this time i was much closer to the front so i could actually see what was going on...a great thing to know. watching it on the projector was so satisfying to know that our hard work had payed off. all the films looked great and i cant wait to see what the editors in our group do with the final product. i also enjoyed shooting with the 8mm camera. i have a super 8 that i play around with but ive never even seen a regular 8 camera so that was awesome as well

Sunday, March 21, 2010


i love everything about the first painting in the Molotov Man reading...begining with the off centered image. his face is my favorite. its so full of anger, and his eyes are so real. you can almost understand why he is throwing the molotov cocktail adn you dont even know a backstory. the way she took a photograph and painted it gave a texture and i love that the background is greyed out beautiful. the embrace photo is so moving. her work is so emotional, i love it. the whole copyright issue sucks because of how beautiful her work is...i get it though, maybe she should have gotten permission to recreate the image in a painting..i mean, what an awesome photo to begin with, guess i would want my work credited too...the argument this painting started is very interesting..copyrighting with a purpose almost. when the photographer wrote back she was saying how her purpose was completly different than what the painting was saying, which in a way makes the painting different from the original completly. art sends a message...its cool how the same image in different modes of art depict different messages yet just by looking at the mans eyes it is the same. love how the image has been put on everything now though... even religious stuff cause the guy is wearing a cross.
the other reading was kind of weird.. not as interesting to me as the first one but had some really cool pictures..the one of the man made up of people was very Andre Breton's quote, totally agree. putting objects out of the context we are familiar with helps me see or i guess re see their beauty all over again. you can see aspects of things you never saw before and find new meanings

Sunday, March 14, 2010


so im kind of behind and cant do any of the blogs for tomorrows class. i havent seen the scratch film junkies film for week 6 blog and didnt get the assignment sheet for the 49 hour video race so before i shoot out ideas i wanted to get a better idea of what it is first...i have had some stuff going on at home but im back now so hopefully can catch up on all blogs by next week

Monday, February 22, 2010


i definitely did the wrong reading last blog from last week is the chion so ill do the wells reading for this week.
i cant even imagine the work that went into animation before computers. i guess we got a little taste of it last week doing the cell animations but to actually do a feature like Snow White or some of those other Disney movies done long before computers must have taken forever. ive never really paid attention to continuity in cartoons but after reading about goofy, it totally makes sense. i always felt so bad for him! i just thought the purpose of him was to make people laugh but theres a whole motive behind his failures. the evolution of content section made me think of Fantasia. i used to watch that movie like 3 times a day, im not even kidding. my mom would have to rewind it for me and i just remember thinking how beautiful it was. well i guess i wasnt thinking beautiful cause i was like 4 haha but i jsut thought it was so neat and the pictures and colors were just amazing. i absolutly love Looney Tunes, and part of the reason is for the dialogue. i even qoute it still but i didnt realize that sound was that crucial to animation. looking back, i guess a regular rabbit walking around eating carrots isnt funny unless hes leaning up against something saying "whats up doc". thinking about animation always makes me think of one of my favorite movies ever....Mary Poppins. when they hop from the real world to a world of animation is one of the coolest things ive ever seen. especially since it was in the 60's.
the whole experimental animation process is very interesting to me. the manipultion of movements of color and objects instead of bodies i think would be very difficult in terms of comping up with ideas to keep audiences interested while not using a small man hunting with a little bit of a speach impediment. if done right, well ive only seen a few experimental animation films, but they are really cool and all the work that goes into the films really pays off.